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Dvd 'Do you want to learn magic ?' (Rob Stiff) 2

Dvd 'Do you want to learn magic ?'


Rob Stiff will share with you the best of the best in magic tricks. Start by learning a card trick that leaves their jaws dropping.
Then, see how easy it is to make a coin vanish right out of your hand and reappear !
From cards, coins, rubber bands, ropes, toa mindreading trick that uses ordinary books, you will get it all !

The tricks are easy to perform and are designe to fool everyone.

  • One Pack Wonder (cards).
  • Two Decks Are Better Than One.
  • Vanish And Reappear (Coin trick).
  • The Money Roll (Paper currency).
  • The Jumping Match.
  • Card In The Envelope.
  • Cut And restored Rope.
  • The Rubberband Penetration.
  • Mindreading Book Trick.
  • Card On The Napkin.
  • Coin Thru The Table.
  • Card In The Mind.

    Then learn one of the most guarded secret in magic, the self Levitation illusion. Plus, as an added bonus menu you will learn the "One Handed Cut", The One Handed Spinning Cut", and "The One Handed Shuffle" plus more...

    Running Time : 2 hours.
    English DVD.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick

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