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Wonder Orchestra (Electric Guitar)

Wonder Orchestra (Electric Guitar)


This is a whole new system and shape evolved from Handysounds, which has been a big hit around the world. How do you play music without musical instruments? Nowadays it's not so hard to find apps for it; however, you will have an ability to play music with everyday objects without apps if you were a magician. There are some effects we can show you, but they are just a small part of unlimited possibilities. ELECTRIC GUITAR: You go to someone's birthday party. You hold a fork and a spoon in your hands and say, "please give me a few minutes to practice..." then you start to play sounds without an electric guitar but a fork and a spoon. Finally you play birthday song, and everybody can sing with you.Your hands are empty and everything can be examined. WONDER ORCHESTRA is a small sound device which is invisible from your spectator. In the end your hands are empty. Each unit contains various sounds, and melodies from classic songs or to the birthday song. You can control these sounds as you desire. You can watch the lecture video which contains how to use and perform with WONDER ORCHESTRA. You can play musical instruments at Anytime, Anywhere. It can make big sounds so you will be in the spotlight. WONDER ORCHESTRA is great for close-up, street, parlor and also birthday party as well.
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick

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