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Her Majesty's Spell (DVD + Gimmick) (Dani Daortiz) 3

Her Majesty's Spell (DVD + Gimmick)


An incredible routine from one of the world's leading card workers. Super strong card magic, full of surprises and with a mind blowing climax. Imagine this: 3 spectators select cards, they are lost in the deck and they appear when you "call them". Yes, you can spell the first card, each card for letter, and it appears. You repeat the experience with the second card. Then you say that this is so magical that the spectator can lie and can name the opposite of his card and IT APPEARS. When the audience is still trying to recover from the astonishment, you finish with a mind blowing climax. Includes: One hour DVD featuring Dani DaOrtiz Complete in-depth explanation Plus a live close-up show filmed in Vernet featuring some of his strongest card effects (no explanation). Bonus: Extensive interview that includes extraordinaire effect with explanation. Only this effect plays the entire DVD. Special deck included.
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick

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