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Turbo Tube (Mark Presley) 2

Turbo Tube


"Use Turbo Tube to vanish, restore, reappear, color change,make confetti burst high into the air and more. The Imagination is up to you! The Turbo Tube is a great utility prop that you will use in every show!" Features and Benefits No co2 cartridges required Just load the silk and release on your command. Can shoot up to 6 feet in the air. Use up to one 12' inch silk. Use in a snowstorm routine. Can be loaded with "Snowstorm of China" snowstorm. Make a silk burst into Confetti/Streamer Use as a color change or silk appearance.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick

We advise you with this product :

1. White Snowstorm
10 €

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