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Bicycle War Series Deck

Bicycle War Series Deck


Produced 1918 and now being reproduced in a very limited quantity The original decks where produced as part of the Victory series during World War I which were popular for war charity card parties. Each deck in the Victory series represented a branch of the military. Big Gun represents The United States Army. The other three designs which will also re-released at a later date are Dreadnaught (Navy), Flying Ace (Air Force), and Invincible (Marines). They were only originally issued for a very limited time in 1918, as the war ended shortly after the decks were released. Very few complete original decks are known to exist today. These limited edition historical deck reproductions featuring the original Big Gun back design and package art which has been hand drawn from the original printing plates. There will only be 2,500 Red and 2,500 Blue special reproduction decks made. Each deck will include a card indicating it is part of this special print run.
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