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DVD Light for invisible Thread (Victor Voitko) 1

DVD Light for invisible Thread



Answers and Questions!

New DVD includes extra shootings from Voitko`s LIVE lecture from Korea and Portugal!

The DVD-INSTRUCTIONS will help you to find the correct light for thread work with an
invisible thread. It also will make your thread REALLY INVISIBLE!

A lot of magicians use the invisible thread for stage magic, but only few of them know how
to make the correct light for invisible thread. Few of them know that 10% of success
depend on the threads and 90% depends on the way the light is made on the stage.

Viktor Voitko has performed professionally more than 20 years. His Flying Linking Rings
is one of the magic modern classics. His Flying Rose is original version of the dancing cane.
On his DVD Viktor advises how to make the correct light, select the background, moreover, it will
give many professional advices and much, much more...

His Light and Invisible Thread lectures had great success on magic congresses in Spain
March 2006, in Holland June 2006, BIMF Korea May 2007 and API CONVENTION 2007 in Portugal.
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