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Poket topit (Victor Voitko) 2

Poket topit


This gimick will make topit from the pockets of your jacket
and shirt in a few seconds.

You can easily and rapidly discard any small objects into
the pockets of your jacket and shirt.
Your pockets will always be ready to receive coins, cards,
cigarette lighters, ball and etc.

PockeTTopiT System.

A lot of magicians use their jackets pockets for secret drop of their
props. Sometimes magician have a problem - sometimes pocket
is closed in the inappropriate moment and the object cannot drop
into the pocket. Magician has many solutions of this problem. Some
people use a handkerchief so that it were not shut.
Some people use another gimick.

Victor VOITKO offers his solution of this problem.
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick

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