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Karnival Renegades Purple deck

Karnival Renegades Purple deck


The suave and distinctive imagery of the Karnival Renegade Deck is redressed in a luscious deep purple for eyepopping impact. As with the original Karnival Renegades you get a new Karnvial styled back design, Ace Of Spades, Jokers and Tuckcase. This incredible new limited edition design for the Bicycle Deck was created by renowned French artist Sam Hayles. • Can be integrated with standard bicycle decks and other Karnival Decks for creating super cool routines! • The Karnival Assassins Deck uses a thick, high grade stock and is a dream to handle. These cards are simply GLORIOUS! • An amazing (and super subtle) one way back design. You can spot reversed cards even in a tight face down ribbon spread!
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