Bicycle Sideshow Freaks Deck

Bicycle Sideshow Freaks Deck


Bicycle Sideshow Freaks Playing Cards were made to honor the sideshow performers that rolled into town with the carnival or circus. All your favorites are here; The bearded Lady, The Fire Eater, Rat Boy, The Strongman and many others. They are all depicted on the court cards, jokers and ace of spades, one for each card.

The deck is colored using a mud brown with deep red and yellow accents. This is a color combination that you do not see all that often, but works very, very well. While the customization is limited to the back design, court cards, aces and jokers. The number cards do have custom colored pips. The diamonds & hearts are a deep, rich, blood red, while the clubs & spades are a brownish black. The whole deck is really put together well and that is what makes this deck an absolute must have for all playing card collectors.
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