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DVD Les Ballons de Fabrizio (Vol.1 et Vol.2) 15

DVD Les Ballons de Fabrizio (Vol.1 et Vol.2)


Learn balloon magic with the amazing Fabrizion in this set of two DVD. You will become an expert in that kind of art and will give a lot of fun to your child shows !


DVD 1 :
  • Cow hat
  • Flower hat
  • ET hat
  • Spider hat
  • The big red dog
  • Flammand Rose hat
  • Fantasy flower hate
  • The crown
  • Red Road Runner Hat

  • DVD 2 :
  • Coccinelle sur trèfle
  • Snake
  • Bee and flower
  • Caméléon sur Fleur coeur
  • La Panthère Rose
  • Le Globe Terrestre
  • Pieuvre
  • Bébé Coccinelle
  • Extra-Terrestre

  • DVD and explanations without talking
  • Two volumes
  • Great Production
  • Filmed in multi-angles
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