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Appearing 8 doves cages from empty frame ( Tora) 12

Appearing 8 doves cages from empty frame


Imagine being able to magically produce 4 or 8 wooden, handcrafted birdcages from an empty frame! Just the production of one cage would be amazing, but when you produce several cages sequentially -- from the same empty frame -- even the most skeptical spectator will be impressed!

Imagine the power that comes from the final image, after all the cages have been produced and stacked on top of each other, completing filling up the entire table. This image is truly an overwhelming testament of your skills as a magician.

All cages have been crafted to exacting dimensions, which allow this multiple production to become a magical reality. Each cage contains a realistic artificial dove -- thus everything you need is provided -- no livestock is required!

Unit breaks down for easy and secure transport and storage. Truly original magic that works as hard as you do! Dimensions of the cages (approx.) 6” x 6 ½” (16 x 17cm).
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick

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