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Dvd 'The Madness Behind The Methods' (Simon Lovell) 5

Dvd 'The Madness Behind The Methods'


3 Simon Lovel's DVD set.
Be prepared for the most hilarious performances, lectures on expert card magic and world class entertainment. Filmed in both studio & before live audiences in Lake Tahoe, Simon Lovel will amaze you !
Simon shares in-depht his greatest magic secrets. You also get all of Simon's performances and explanations from his famous lecture tour ! Plus much much more !

Volume 1 :

Fingered , The Namer, Heartless, Your Number’s Up, Star Trick , Imagination, Twisted Rose, Sleight of Tongue & More...

Volume 2 :

The Packet Wallet, Another Departed Point, Lemming Ace Exchange, Whispering Royal, Kicked: Gaffed Deck Derek Dingle’s Collectors, Radical Aces Explained, & Bonus: The Standing Vanish & The Wobbly Wombat

Volume 3 :

Lovey Dovey Sandwich , Jack Catch , Simon Takes on Le Paul , Sandwich 2001, Coin Deck , Nightmare Deck, Sploge, Simon’s Matrix, Vernon Can Be Explained, Oily Snobs, Lily Long Legs Story Deck, Bonus: Sidney The Hamster & Sebastian The Mind Reading Chicken .

3full length DVDs.
English DVDs.
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