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Dvd 'The Art of card Splitting' 2

Dvd 'The Art of card Splitting'


On this DVD, Marty "Martini" Grams gives you his famous lecture "Lickety Split" on how to make your own gimmicked and gaffed cards; step by step.
As an added bonus "Martini" demonstrates the most famous packet tricks that use gimmicked card and explains how to make and perform them !
From learning how to make "acrobatic" cards to all the famous gaffed cards you will have it ALL !!!!


Cardsplitting Tricks Performed & Explained :
  • Card To Wallet
  • Princess Cards
  • 8 Card Brainwave
  • Parade of the Kings
  • Impossible Ghost of a Chance
  • Hofzinser’s Card
  • Hunter’s Monte
  • The Dam Tricks.

Cardsplitting Techniques & Tools Menu
With the complete "lickety Split" lecture !

Bonus : Learn How To Make "Acrobatic Cards".

English DVD.
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No Difficulty for this magic's trick

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