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Ultimate Card Through Window (Eric James) 1

Ultimate Card Through Window


This is amazing!

This effect is at the essence of true magic. It has captivated Magicians and Laymen alike for many years. You've seen the world's greatest magicians perform this effect on TV countless times. You've tried your best to get to that level, or even surpass what you've seen. Well, welcome to your dream Card Through Window DVD.

On this DVD you'll learn over 30 different ideas and methods for one of the most amazing pieces of magic ever created. Whether it's daytime or nighttime, a moving car, or a newspaper stand... on this DVD you'll learn the techniques that will allow you to perform a Card Through Window miracle just about anyplace, anytime.

Some DVD Highlights :

Card Through Window Classic (the classic effect you've seen on TV over and over again)

Card To Wallet (or to pocket, or inside shoe)

Card to Cell Phone (seriously, card ends up inside of the cell phone)

Card to TV (behind the glass and all, use any TV or computer)

Card Fly Through Window (doesn't stick, just flies right through the window)

Deck Through Window (yup, you can smash the entire deck through the window, VISUALLY)

Visual Card Through Window (you pass the card visually through the window, right in front of the specs)

Wall Stab (card ends up stuck right into the wall)

Card Through Table (using a glass table, you pass the card right through)

Deck Through Table (using a glass table, you pass the deck right through)

These are just a few of the effects you'll learn. Remember there are over 30 presented on this DVD.
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