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La carte clou 2.0 (DVD + Gimmick) ( Astor) 1

La carte clou 2.0 (DVD + Gimmick)


This is the pocket version of the well known "hidden nail under the cup" trick. The mentalist shows three black envelopes and three blank cards. He asks a spectator to choose one of the cards and to draw a nail with a marker. The spectator then mixes the envelopes containing the card with the drawing of the nail and the other two blank cards and puts them in a row on the table. So the mentalist, without error, will find the envelope containing the "nail"! • The effect is made with care. The marker is not included. • It uses a very simple idea (no magnets, electronics, etc.). • It can be repeated for many times. Everything can be examined before and after the presentation.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick

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