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Dai Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy (Lewis Ganson) 1

Dai Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy


Cet excellent ouvrage rassemble trois des meilleurs livres de Dai Vernon. Il est considéré comme la meilleure et la plus riche source d’informations secrètes concernant la magie des cartes. Vous découvrirez les secrets les plus enfouis de ce grand magicien.

Au Sommaire :

Inner secrets of Card Magic

Taking Things easy
A little thought Required
Hanging by a Thread
Novel Knowledge
Color Changes
Dexterous Deception
The notice stop trick
Mexican Trickery
Miracles take a little longer

More Inner Secrets of Card Magic

Twisting the Aces
Think of a card
Oil and Water
McDonald’s $100 Routine
The Notis Cascade
Mainly Manipulation
Magic with the Riffle Shuffle
Cards to poket
Forcing a Card
The trick that Cannot be Explained
Vernon Touches

Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic

The four blue-Backed Aces
Blindfold Poker Deal
Cards of Coincidence
Three-Card Monte
Larry Grey’s Cards Across
More Novel knowledge
Dealing Seconds
The card Puzzle
Another Larry Grey Trick
Two Tricks

Langue : Anglais – 236 pages illustrées
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