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Focus (P. Goldstein) (Max Maven) 2

Focus (P. Goldstein)


Since 1965, Phil Goldstein has published over 1000 ingenious tricks and routines.
From this huge body of work he has chosen 60 of his best card tricks, the cream of the bountiful crop.
His criteria were clarity of plot, entertainment value, and high magical content.
Focus contains all 60 of these choice effects, the very best from one of today's most acclaimed creators.

Among the many excellent tricks in this volume, Mr. Goldstein has finally parted with "Impressions," a routine with which he has baffled the world's leading magicians.
A joker transforms itself time after time into a duplicate of any card picked from the deck, including an imaginary card!

This is just one of the 60 astonishing and professional effects explained in Focus, an important work by one of the most extraordinarily creative talents in magic.


  • Overture

  • No-gaff differential

  • Snap differential

  • Transfourmation

  • Vicinity

  • Twisted location

  • Snap collectores

  • Third degree

  • Choice flesh

  • A fine mesh

  • Inside out

  • Back ordered

  • Back gammon

  • Jumping bean aces

  • Immediate aces

  • Relative interchange

  • Brimstone elevator

  • Trouble backer

  • Naked lunch

  • Progression

  • Ascension

  • Sottovoce

  • Casanova

  • Five-card polka

  • Sidewinder

  • Fluttering hearts

  • Lassie

  • Printing history

  • Cry wolf

  • Packetrainer

  • Exitwist

  • Extraexitwist

  • Extendedexitwist

  • Exile

  • Penetration of blank

  • Shinkansen

  • Simplified FTL

  • Off-balance leader

  • Bodkin

  • Hopscotch

  • Hopscotch again

  • More oil, more water

  • Mixtant

  • Up and down mixtant

  • Tiny water

  • Spiralvator

  • Counter-revolution

  • Con-sequence

  • Chromavator

  • Chromatwist

  • Chromated

  • Chromatose

  • Tearable

  • Umpteenth aces

  • SecA ruoF

  • Diminishing returns

  • Picasso aces

  • Stinger aces

  • Impressions

  • Masque

  • Language: English, 140 illustrated pages.

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    Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick

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