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Living-room-on stage Set 14

Living-room-on stage Set


Save 90 € (that is to said 25 % discount!!!) on this set including:

  • Mail bag escape: The magician escape from a bag previously examined and closed with a steel rod.

  • Houdini handcuffs: The best of the escapes in a comic, disconcerting and very mystic atmosphere.

  • Howzatt the Clown: Essential when performing magic for children, easily transportable.

  • Bengal Net Deluxe : A magnific dove vanishing (or a change…)

  • Stamp album : A well named trick, a stamp album that fills automatically.

  • Milk magazine fake : Liquid is poured in a newspaper, disappears temporarily and is then colored.

  • Change bag zipper: The essential accessory in living-room or stage magic. Numerous productions and changes.

  • Super funnel: Thanks to your magic powers, waters flows on your order.

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    Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick

    The items from this "Magic Set"

    2. Mail Bag Escape
    89 €
    3. Howzzat the clown
    98.5 €
    4. Bengal Net
    58 €
    5. Stamp Album
    20 €

    Collect Magicaplanet's loyalty points indicated by a yellow sphere next to some items and enjoy the following benefits:

    • Order one of the many gifts
    • Transform them in money 10 points accumulated should be transformed to 4 €
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