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DVD The Original stand up magic (J. Pablo) vol.2 (Juan Pablo Ibañez) 3

DVD The Original stand up magic (J. Pablo) vol.2


A new DVD with original routines and effects created by Juan Pablo, the most innovative mind in South America. Close up, parlour and stage magic well tested by himself on his own shows.

Juan Pablo Ibañez is one of the most prolific magicians of Argentina, and on this DVD he explains several routines of his own repertoire.

This is real life magic explained!!


  • Rope and card penetration
  • Card In Ear Repeat
  • Fast Change
  • card in balloon sword
  • Immaginary Arrow
  • 0-800 SLICER
  • Flaming Breath
  • Daniel Racboon
  • 3 Thought Of Cards
  • Wine!

Language: English, Running time: 1h14

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