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DVD Quit Smoking (David Stone) 1

DVD Quit Smoking


A new cigarette routine : the magician never lit the cigarette ! The techniques are really easy to do and the explanations are very clear..


  • Quit Smoking :
    the magician borrows a pack of cigarettes, and after a succession of flash vanishes and re-appearances, makes everything disappear.

  • No Smoking :
    "Buy one, get one free!" Here is a version of the same effect. You break a cigarette in half, dhow two separate pieces, blow on the piece and, Tadaaa ! - The cigarette is restored. You can do this trick anywhere, with no sleeves, in "real-world" conditions, etc...

  • Bonus : The Moorea Straw
    At the bar or during a cocktail, you borrow a straw and place it under your chin : suddenly, you push it through your throat ! One can see the straw in your mouth. You extract it from the chin to immediateky give it for examination...

    Running time : 45 minutes.
    Languages : English / French.
    Standard :PAL DVD.
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    Difficulty of level 4 for this magic's trick

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