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Color Monte 2

Color Monte


This is a three card monte trick very original comprising, for the audience, 2 cards with a red diamond and 1 card with a blue diamond.
During the trick, the magician relates a journey to the states : "a man proposes me to wager 1 $ to find the blue diamond. I fail 7 times. So he proposes me to quit or to double. I accept. What a mistake : The card i choose was a joker. I lost 14 $ !

  • Bicycle card.
  • Poker size.
  • Delivered with a 4 flap card guard which can contain 4 small decks tricks.
  • C'est le tour de petit paquet qu'il faut avoir toujours sur soi car avec lui c'est le succés garanti!
    L'étui est d'ailleurs très pratique à cet usage...et pour bien d'autres.

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    Difficulty of level 4 for this magic's trick

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