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Handcuffs set 9

Handcuffs set


The handcuffs, when given to the audience, are part of an incomprehensible area of magic.
(Houdini’s secrets are still hidden.)

In order to discover, amaze and surprise with professional material (steeled), get these 5 amazing handcuffs:

- HOUDINI Handcuffs

- U.S.A Handcuffs

- U.S.A Magic Handcuffs

- Handcuffs Keyring

- Thumbcuffs used by professionals.

That is to say 72 € instead of 94 €.
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick

The items from this "Magic Set"

2. U.S.A Handcuffs
14.5 €
4. Thumb Cuffs
19.5 €