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DVD The Complete Cups & Balls vol.2 (M. Ammar) (Michael Ammar) 1

DVD The Complete Cups & Balls vol.2 (M. Ammar)


The DVD format is absolutely perfect for learning the Cups & Balls.

Get to the move you’re looking for with just a simple click, advance or rewind, frame by frame, to see every subtlety and nuance.

From building blocks to blueprints, you’ll be able to construct any type of routine needed!

Plus—three cameras watch from perfect angles showing the exact timing, techniques and misdirection needed for confident performing.

The Dai Vernon Cups and Balls routine, considered to be the most influential of this century, is performed, thaught and analyzed. Finally you’ll se rare footage of Mark Wilson introducing Dai Vernon for a 1977 performance of his famous routine.


  • Advanced Wand Vanishes
    - Through the Fist
    - Through the Hand #2
    - The Mora/Vernon Wand Spin
    - Striking Vanish
    - The Drummer’s Spin

  • Opening the Routine
    - Opening Positions
    - One Ahead
    - Two Ahead
    - Three Ahead
    - Four Ahead
    - Other Options

  • Opening Sequences
    - One Ahead Return Opening
    - One Ahead Penetration
    - Sequence
    - Three Ahead Production
    - Sequence
    - Ammar’s Opening Production

  • Body Sequences
    - Assembly
    - Miller - Sequence #1
    - Miller - Sequence #2
    - Classic Gathering in Middle
    - All Gather One at a Time
    - Three Gather on Tops of Cups
    - Shower of Balls
    - Click Move Sequence
    - Two-None-Two Sequence
    - Reappearing Inside a Nest

  • Mastering for the final load
    - Methods of Misdirection
    - Standing or Sitting?
    - Natural Pockets
    - Special Pockets
    - Pouches
    - Edge of the Coat
    - Sleeves

  • Coordinated Timing of Both Hands
    - Timing
    - The Loading Hand
    - Holding the Cup

  • Ending Sequences
    - Classic Elimination Sequence
    - Vernon’s Sophisticated Sequence

  • Ending Rhythms
    - Malini/Garcia1-2-3-4
    - The Engaged Spectator Ending

  • Creative Loading Systems

  • Vernon Cups & Balls Routine
    - What might Vernon have done differently?
    - Now—here’s what you do...

Language: English, Running time: 2h00

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