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DVD A&E Halloween special (C. Angel) (Criss Angel) 1

DVD A&E Halloween special (C. Angel)


The Mindfreak, Criss Angel descends upon Hollywood's famous Magic Castle and his hometown New York in a tour de force of mysticism, mentalism and death defying stunts.

At the Magic Castle stage, Criss Angel performs some of his signature effects and the never before seen Matrix (where he literally jumps into another human) and offers up new supernatural demonstrations of mentalism in front of a live audience.

Criss Angel will also be shackled... handcuffed... and then nailed into a pine casket that is rapidly approaching an industrial BioChipper.


    Take a front-row seat at a sold-out concert...
    Lose yourself in the intrigue of a chilling mystery...
    Get swept away by an epic romance...

Language: English, Running time: 50 min

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