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The PTS from Sean Bogunia (Sean Bogunia) 57

The PTS from <b>Sean Bogunia</b>


The Programmable Threads System is a system that allows you to perform miracles. You will be able to bring a silk to life as well as other items such as a tie or a rope.

The PTS is programmable: you don’t need assistant and it’s self-working.

The flowing motion will be more realistic thanks to the vari-speed drive that will allow you to set up the required speed and flight time. Moreover the moves are now more than a simple round displacement.

The silk will move in the whole room, it will go out and enter, fly above the audience, suddlenly change the direction, jump, dance…before returning on stage.

  • No computer is required for the programming.
  • Easy programming.
  • Delivered with the required items and an instructional DVD.
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    Difficulty of level 5 for this magic's trick

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