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DVD Green magic - Classic Green 2 (Lennart Green) 1

DVD Green magic - Classic Green 2


See the magic that has made Lennart Green famous worldwide!
He competed at the FISM world chiampionship of magic and ... he lost. Indeed he is so amazing that the juges accused him of using trick cards.Then he performed the same act with an ordinary deck and won. You can imagine how he masters magic!

Included in the DVD are:

  • THE POKER DEAL: Lennart deals five different killer hands from a shuffled deck!
  • THE TEMPLE OF SHIVA: A magical, mystical routine painted with a story of the future.
  • DECEPTIVE PERCEPTION: No matter which card the spectator selects, it is always the odd card!
  • THE ONE-TWO SEPARATION: From an audience-shuffled deck, Lennart magically separates the cards from red and black!
  • FALSE ANGLE RIFFLE SHUFFLE: One of the most deceptive false-shuffles ever created.

    Language : English. Multizone Dvd

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