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The ''How To'' Book of the Zombie (Merlyn T. Shute) 1

The ''How To'' Book of the Zombie


This book written by Merlyn T. Shute offers you a in-depth study of the Zombie ball. This is an indispensable guide for anyone who owns a zombie ball. This text will even allow you to develop your own routines.

This book includes an in-depth definition of the zombie ball and resumes its basic concepts. It offers you a lot of moves that will allow you to create a very complete routine.


  • The ball.
    - Description, Care of.

  • The gimmick.
    - Description, Lenght, Changing the colour.

  • The foulard.

  • Preparations.
    - Ball visible, Ball hidden, Ball and gimmick separate.

  • Opening moves.
    - Proving the ball, standard, Ball hidden, Transfer.

  • Simple moves.
    - Triangle, Humpty dumpty, Back to front, In the cradle, The comet, Waterfall, Trough.

  • More moves.
    - Vanish, Disposal.

  • Around and about.
    - The body, The arm.

  • Miscellaneous.

  • Blue material.

  • Creating a routine.
    - Music, Structure, Placement.

    36 illustrated pages. English language.
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