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Sculptures with balloons (Linda Perina) 2

Sculptures with balloons


This colored book by Linda Perina presents you the differents things you can perform with balloons.
Learn how to make annimals like a frog, the swan or the camel. Learn also how to perform diferents objects like a sword, a crown or a motocycle...
The numerous colored pictures will enjoy the children as well as the adults. Shimmering colors to enjoy the book.


  • Basic handlings (Inflate and knot; basic twist; fast basic twist; ring twist; ear twist; apple twist).
  • Annimals (Dachshund; bunny; mouse; swan; parrot; frog; camel; kangaroo; lovebirds; bear; butterfly; spider; panda; hummingbird).
  • Objects (Daisy; umbrella; crown; aeroplane; motorcycle; sword; sabre).

    48 llustrated pages. English language.
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    Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick

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