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Beach kit 8

Beach kit


In all circumstances because the tricks are easy to perform and no requires settings or only a little. The longer setting will requires less than two minutes.

You will be able to make a light travelling around yourself, to pass it from one ear to the other, and even to pass it through your body. This effect is amazing in night-clubs or in parties.

For instance, you will burn a small piece of flash paper that will rapidly change a lightning into sunglasses and even rear view sunglasses!

Someone ask for light. You can open your wallet and produce a fifteen centimetre flame. You the close it in order to extinguish the flame and you open it one more time to show the wallet is normal, your cards are there as well as the bills.

Here are some of the uses of these tricks. There is more magic in this kit.

Tricks descriptions:

  • Rear view sunglasses:
A gag accessory also magic!

With these sunglasses you will be able to see behind yourself!
Indeed two unnoticeable mirrors are printed on the edges on the interior glasses! So you can perform predictions when you are cold shoulder…

  • A strange and entertaining accessory!

  • A long-life product!

    • Finger trap x 3 :
    Solicit someone to place two fingers in each side of this tube. He is suddenly blocked.
    A clever and very funny system.

    Sold by 3.

    • Thumb tip & silk:
    Introduce a silk in your hand. Instantaneously, you can show your hands: they are empty!. Of course, you will be able to make it reappearing anywhere, in your pocket, in your mouth ...

    This amazing trick must remain secret because of its amazing and entertaining character.

    • Balle en cube :
    A sponge ball is shown and placed on top of the left fist, which has been shown empty. Instantly a second one appears.

    The balls appears in a spectator's hand too.

    Take back the balls and put them in your closed fist... just a magic pass and in one of your hand appears a big cube, and in the other, a rabbit.

    • Kaps's hot wallet:
    An excellent and very spectacular device !

    Ask a spectator to choose a card. Ask him to sign it, and put it back in the wallet. A little bit of magic, and the card disappear.
    Were is it ?So open it, and an amazing flame rises up!!!

    Open the zipper, you'll find the chosen card!

    • A superb accessory that have been studied to be your customary wallet!

    • Very beautiful realization out of black leather.

    • System without danger.
      Need lighter fluid to operate.

      Sale prohibited to the minors.


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    • Fortune Telling Fish:

    This is a very curious plastic fish. It becomes alive when it is in a spectator's hand!

    A magical effect that you will always have with you.

    Sold by 3.


    • Fantasme :

    Show a silk and then push it into your closed fist.
    Open your hand and the silk has disappeared.
    Make the silk reappear and hand it to a spectator so that he too many try to make it disappear.
    But when the spectator opens up his hand, the silk will not have disappear, but will be transformed into sexy panties.

    Is the spectator a little distracted ?


    • Frixion Ball Pen:

    The pen ink disappears when it’s in contact with heat (lighter flame, candle flame, flash paper…).

    For instance:

    The magician asks a spectator to choose a card and says that he has predicted this selection. Indeed he shows a card on which all card names are written.
    A little embarrassed by the ease of this prediction, the magician show a lighter and pass it under the card, all the cards disappear except the chosen one.


    • Carnet de Papier Flash :

    This is a WHITE flash paper book that can burn up very quickly!!!

    Ideal for changes or for flash effects...

    This small book is perfect for close-up and will easily slide into your pockets!

  • Includes 20 leafs.
  • Size 6 x 8 cm (2.36'' x 3.14'').

    Prohibited selling to minors.


    • Survival fan:

    Perfect for cars, houses… this small folding fan will cool you for hours!!!

    From now you will always need it!

    Requires 2 AA Alcaline batteries.

    Size: 10 cm length, 10 cm propeller diameter.


    • D'lite Red Original (two):

    Just imagine your audience’s amazement when you reach into thin air with a hand that’s clearly empty and pluck a glowing ball of red light out of nowhere!

    You can pass the light from hand to hand, make it vanish and reappear, etc.
    Taple item in the acts of professional magicians world-wide.

    This device allows you lots of possibilities :

    • You can gulp the light and recover it in your ear;
    • Blow on it. It switch off...

    With two D'lite :
  • You can make the light goes through objects (silks...);
  • Double the light;
  • Make the light travel from a hand to the other...

    This gimmick doesn't need any equipment.

    The incredible D’Lite is also amazingly simple to perform.


    • Lite-Up Ears:

    A fantastic effect! Red lights blink on and off from your ears.

    • There is a single device for the two ears.
    • You can blink just one ear before the other. It will looks like the light travels from an ear to the other.
    • Perfect to chain with D'lite.
    • Provided complete, battery delivered.
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    Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick

    The items from this "Magic Set"

    2. Finger trap
    0.9 €
    3. Thumb tip
    3.5 €
    4. silk 6’’
    2 €
    11. Lite-Up Ears
    12 €

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