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The Haunted Key Booklet (Dick Williams) 1

The Haunted Key Booklet


Here are tips, handlings, and patter to enhance the presentation of this too seldom seen close-up miracle.

The real secret is carefully explained so more can master this masterpiece. Eugene BURGER, Max MAVEN, and others have stressed the importance of using an engrossing patter story with “The Haunted Key”. Here are five new scripts from which to choose.


  • Tips on Key Handling
  • What Are You Doing These Days?
  • The Key to My Heart
  • Key Performer at the Flea Circus
  • Sleuthing in the Lock and Key Industry
  • Dick Williams Two Keys Routine

    Language : English - Format : 23,7x21,6 - 12 pages.

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    Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick